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Gastronomic Options in Playas del Coco

Whether you are craving seafood, typical Costa Rican food or vegetarian options, Playas del Coco in Guanacaste has a surprising variety of restaurants for visitors to enjoy.  If you’d like some reasonably priced local fare, you can try a hearty breakfast at Soda La Teresita.  Sodas are small, usually family owned restaurants which serve up typical Costa Rican dishes, such as “Gallo Pinto”, a rice and beans dish for breakfast, and “casados” for lunch, filling and tasty, consisting of meat, rice, beans, salad and plantain.




What to Pack for your vacation to Costa Rica

Playa Prieta Guanacaste Costa Rica

Coming to Costa Rica on vacation? Here are some quick and easy tips on what to pack for your vacation in Costa Rica. Of course, what you need depends on where you are going and what you will do, but these general guidelines will serve you well.


Party time in Costa Rica: 2016 summer festivals!

Costa Rica fiestas

It’s the New Year, and that means it’s time for Costa Rica’s summer festival season! Known for their gregarious, fun-loving style, Costa Ricans’ enthusiasm is contagious when the country celebrates its numerous fiestas, festivals and horse parades from January to April. Plan your travel to Costa Rica to experience these fun cultural events with rich local traditions, tasty cuisine and vibrant music. Besides the main festivals, every town and community has its own “turno” (a country fair) to enjoy during the Costa Rican summer months. Where to stay in the coolest travel destination for 2016? In Costa Rica’s sunniest place on an unforgettable Guanacaste beach at Costa Rica beach rentals Villas Estival or Pacifico Condos vacation rentals in Playa del Coco. Contact All Costa Rica Rentals to reserve your Costa Rica vacation rental today.


It’s windy in Guanacaste Costa Rica! Time for kiteboarding and sailing!

From brief gusts to strong breezes to howling winds – it’s always windy during summer season in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Kitesurfing Costa Rica Bolanos Bay, image by

Why is it so windy in Costa Rica this time of year? These high summer winds even have a name: Papagayo winds. NASA tells us that when it is freezing cold and snowing in North America, the cold air and high-pressure weather systems move south over the Gulf of Mexico. The cold air is drawn toward the warmer, moist atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, flowing from high pressure to lower pressure like a river flows downhill. Named after the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the winds then channel through a gap in the Central American Cordillera Mountains and shriek over Lake Nicaragua, blowing over the Gulf and far out into the Pacific Ocean. The good news is they provide a purpose. Papagayo winds carry nutrient-rich dust into the ocean, providing nourishment for diverse marine life ranging from algal blooms to marlin and sailfish. When the sun shines intensely and the wind blows in January, February and March, the clear blue Pacific Ocean beckons. It’s time for fun wind and water sports.


Amazing North Pacific beaches of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Playa Prieta Guanacaste Costa Rica sunset

Very near Costa Rica beach rentals Villas Estival and Pacifico Condos vacation rentals in Playa del Coco, you can find some of the most unforgettable beautiful beaches on the North Pacific Coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Guanacaste beaches are preferred vacation destinations, having the sunniest climate in all of Costa Rica. Here you can find bustling beach towns with thriving commerce like Flamingo and Tamarindo, contrasted with exotic and seemingly untouched beaches like Pan de Azucar, Prieta and Calzón de Pobre. Contact All Costa Rica Rentals to reserve your Costa Rica vacation rental today. Roads to some of the far-flung beaches are not always in the best of conditions, so you should be sure to use a 4x4 vehicle to go there.








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